Meet Our Team

Dr. King leads a team of Advanced Practice Providers and Administrators. Over the past 18 years, we have provided excellent care to thousands of patients with hip and knee problems and other orthopaedic injuries using a team approach.


Our Surgical Team

Jennifer Morris and Teresa Koebel are certified physician assistants with years of orthopaedic and surgical experience and are an integral part of our care team. Physician assistants are licensed by the state of Maryland. They receive 4 years of training in health care that is similar to that of a physician. They are required, as are physicians, to obtain ongoing continuing medical education every year. Every 10 years they are tested and must be re-certified.






Jennifer Morris and Teresa Koebel both have years of experience caring for orthopedic patients, and as a team, we have taken care of thousands of patients together. They play a key role on our team, and we have daily team meetings and constant communications to discuss all aspects of patient care.

Ms. Morris and Ms. Koebel will frequently see new patients for their initial appointment, and perform a history and physical, as well as order and interpret tests to develop a treatment plan. They will direct nonsurgical care under guidelines I have established. 

They are highly trained and have extensive experience in injections, including ultrasound guided injections for the hip.

Ms. Morris and Ms. Koebel will also be available to review diagnostic studies and answer any questions you may have. They will help me return phone calls and MyChart messages and have access to your records, studies, and treatment plan through our electronic medical record system. Complicated problems, questions, or urgent issues are always discussed with me personally.

If you are scheduled for surgery, you will have an appointment with Ms. Morris or Ms. Koebel prior to surgery. During this visit they will answer questions and begin final preparations for your upcoming surgery. Ms. Morris or Ms. Koebel will be my first assistant at surgery and will help care for you with our inpatient team during your hospital stay. They will see you for some of your post-operative visits, including the first visit, when you will have your sutures removed and have your progress assessed. We have case conferences daily to discuss patient care.

Our Administrative Team


Shelly Carroll

Shelly Carroll is our Medical Secretary. She has received training in medical procedures. Shelly can make appointments, schedule tests, provide you with test results (not interpretations), answer non-medical questions, refill your prescriptions with our permission and notify us if you have medical questions.

You can reach Shelly directly at 410 674 1641.


Kelsi Shewbridge is our Medical assistant. She assists me in the office. You will be greeted by Kelsi when you come for your office visit. She will take a medical history from you and she assists me in the office with procedures. 

Contact Our Team

If you are interested in making an appointment with Dr. King and his team, please reach out directly to our Medical Secretary, Janet Powers. She can be reached directly at or on her office line at 410 674 1641.

Voicemail is also available at 410 268 8862 Ext: 1741.
Calls and emails are answered within 24 hours Monday – Friday. 

For emergent and urgent orthopedic questions and on weekends you should call 410 268 8862. For other emergencies call your medical physician or 911.

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